Planning Packet Forms

The Before the After Planning Packet includes the following forms to be used to communicate and outline your wishes for friends, family or your personal representative.

  • Funeral / Memorial Planning Sheet Creative and thought-provoking planning guide aids in outlining the type of preparation, services, memorials, burial and cemetery marker you envision.
  • Obituary Planning Sheet Develop an obituary that tells your story, whether it is short and concise or a longer, more creative approach. Guidelines aid in creating an obituary that suits you.
  • Lasting Legacy Consider leaving a lasting legacy through community based memorials, scholarship, endowment, personal bequests and Letters of Love.
  • Health History Use this form to compile a health history of ancestors, providing your family’s next generations with this important information.
  • Organ, Tissue, Eye, Body Donation Using National or State approved directives and registries to outline your options for organ or tissue donation. Save or improve a life with your choice. Coordinate your wishes into your Power of Attorney for Health Care document and In Case of Emergency (ICE) Forms.
  • Medical Directives Prepare your wishes for medical decisions in the event you are unable to convey these directives on your own. Power of Attorney forms and supporting documents are provided by state of residency as well.
  • In Case of Emergency Home and Travel Emergency Forms
  • Will and Designations Planning forms that get you thinking about your property and possessions and will become the foundation for a Will. Planning Sessions and an attorney can be used to finalize your wishes.
  • Guardianship Identifying and planning the designation of another as guardian of a person or estate to continue your parenting or care-giving path for dependent relatives or individuals.
  • Everything in One Place This is a checklist of documents, statements and records needed by your appointed representative or family to close your accounts upon your death. This is a checklist that is revisited annually and updated.

Download and Workshop Planning Packet also Includes the following forms at no additional cost….

State of Residence forms for:

  • Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Authorization for Final Disposition

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